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Sunday afternoon, February 27, 2011

These past few days have been “last” days for us. Last Sunday I preached at church for the last time. Almost every night during the past couple weeks we have been out with friends and families from church for last suppers. The comments we’ve heard about ourselves and the ministry have been very encouraging, and God has often used us in peoples’ lives without our even knowing it.

The last bags are now packed-– ten bags and a box with paintings and a window shutter in it-– and we pretty much just have to put the locks on them.

Yesterday, we went out to lunch with our new ABWE Brazil administrator Cal Clark and his wife Carol (friends and colleagues from back in the days when we were working in the city of São Paulo) and Bauru colleagues Dave and Val Smallman. After lunch, we all sat down together and looked at drawings and blueprints for the new church building which are in our hands at last.

Tonight is our farewell service at church. I hope folks show up!!

Then tomorrow noon we make the last trip in to São Paulo to fly Delta up to the States, arriving in Grand Rapids about noon on Tuesday.

Although, for the most part, it seems like we are just going on another furlough like so many others we’ve done in the past (this next year is a furlough for us, and we will be with the mission until March 2012), closing things up, throwing or giving away clothes and turning in keys, it is starting to sink in that leaving Brazil is really happening.

This is our last journal from Brazil.

Next entry will be sent Stateside.

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