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Journal Entry: Early Sunday morning, January 18, 2004

Itís another sunny, hot morning!  One of those days that itís hard to find the will to get anything done. Itís been this way since I started this entry two weeks ago!  Each time I started, something else came up Ė take Sue or Ben to the doctor, get the car in for a check-up, have a worker show up to get something else done either at church or around the house.

Overall, though, activities went well during these past weeks as things started getting back to normal after the holidays.  Most days were spent at church, and I was thankful to be there as several calls came in and some counseling was done by telephone. I was also glad to have the laptop along for other work, even though I didnít get this journal homework done.

There have been no Monday night Bible studies with people traveling during this month of summer vacation. We did get some evening visits in with more free time.

Weekday discipleships have started again for all of us.  I have a new disciple this year.  Heís so excited about studying the Word together that he got here forty-five minutes before our time to start.  We are trying out some new materials this year, and they are challenging even to us as leaders.

Thursdays, at our planning meetings, weíve made it through the year getting the church calendar together.  Weíve had other meetings trying to get schedules set for the stateside soccer team that comes in a few weeks.

Saturday evenings after their meeting weíve had the young people over for games and pizza, or something else, to eat. Itís getting harder to find anyone who likes to play table games, but everybody had fun and they want to do it again.

Attendance for services has been down as most of our people have been traveling since before Christmas which is common for this time of year.  Some have returned, and numbers are starting to go up again. We continue having visitors each Sunday though. By the first of next month things should be back to normal.

Not a lot of interesting news, but at least you know we're still around.  Iíll get this sent out to you.  Stay warm!  We are. Tchau!

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