Bauru Bytes
Bill and Sue Spoelhof serving with ABWE in Bauru, Brazil – Spring, 2006

Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust (Psalm 40:4)

Cooler fall weather is arriving here. Advertisements everywhere are all about the World Cup Soccer games coming up in June.  Political parties have begun choosing candidates for Brazilian presidential elections in October.  The biggest headlines around Bauru are about the first Brazilian to go into space. Though he didn’t seem to get much worldwide coverage (maybe because he went up to the Space Station in a Russian spacecraft), he is from Bauru, and that is quite an honor for our town! 
Within a week of our return in January, the Lofits family started arriving for Ben and Claudia’s wedding, which was a beautiful event. Ben’s dad Michael spoke to a joint service of our two ABWE churches before leaving, and as a result, three people have talked with us about becoming involved in missions.
We are thankful to be home in Bauru after a lengthy stay in São Paulo. In February Sue was having abdominal pain. Considering what she had gone through in the past, we felt it best to check it out quickly. The doctors found she had a tumor in her intestine which had to be removed surgically. The operation went well, but initially the doctors were concerned about malignancy and it became a long few days of waiting until the reports came back “benign”. What a relief it was to hear that word!  Recovery was not without its complications, but now she is doing quite well. God has been so good during these days, both to us personally, to our church family here and to the rest of our family so far away during this trying time. It is good to know that He doesn’t change, and He always knows what is best for us.
It was encouraging that the folks at church that filled in for us in leadership positions during our furlough didn’t want to give up the jobs they had been doing in our absence. That, of course, is one of our objectives in getting a church on its own, and we have been learning where we “fit in” to this new system. I’m still pastor though, and the first Sunday of March I had the privilege of baptizing four people. 
Events every weekend in May are taking place along with regular services and activities. The first weekend is a ladies tea on Saturday (forty ladies have signed up until now) and Sunday a pastor from Cuba will be speaking about the church and what God is doing in that nation. The following weekend will be a concert by the Adorai praise team on Saturday (expecting over 200 young people for that) and Mothers Day celebration on Sunday. The third weekend is the Fifth Anniversary of New Life Baptist Church. And the last weekend is the annual church meeting when we will be electing our first deacons. But things don’t let up, as in June, we have our Valentines dinner (that’s right, Valentines Day is celebrated in June here). And with World Cup soccer games, whenever Brazil plays, we will be showing it on the big screen at church. You have to be here to realize the World Cup fever that’s already going on around this nation! 
The search has begun for our own church building. The building search committee is looking for a place we can buy and call our own instead of paying rent to someone else. We have a goal of moving by September. We have already looked at several places that have great potential. A fund raising campaign has already started among our people.  If you would like to have a part, tax deductible donations can be sent to the mission in our name and labeled Building Fund.  Address is below*
The happiest place on earth, Disneyland, was the setting for our son Aaron to ask a lovely Christian girl named Rachel to be his wife. We have had a couple times together to get to know her and love her already. We will travel up to San Diego in September for their wedding.  We are looking forward to a great family celebration!
Praise God with us:
For Sue’s medical reports and recovery
For 5 years of New Life Baptist Church ministries
Please Pray:
For the opportunities to share the Gospel in everything that is happening in weeks ahead.
For the New Life Baptist building project
For Aaron and Rachel as they begin their life together
Thank you for the part you have in our ministry!
In Christ’s Exciting service,
Bill and Sue
*Mission address:
Association of Baptist for World Evangelism, Inc
Box 8585
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8585