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  Journal Entry: Monday evening, September 30, 2008 

We have a good time together, even when we’re not together.


What do you do in your spare time?  Around here, there’s preaching, doing visits, revising training materials, teaching ESL classes, leading a small group and a prayer group and a youth group, as well as going to a couple doctors a couple of times (and a couple more to go yet) and the dentist (no cavities!), but then throw in looking for a place to have the church’s Friends Day, going to a tennis tournament for a couple of our teens (which unfortunately got rained out in the end), a birthday get together with several friends (that was just a good time together!), and handling details for the group from Word of Life that came to do a presentation at church this past weekend.


One cool thing was an article in the paper here showing one of our teens (Mateus, a tennis player) and how he looks like tennis superstar Roger Federer.


With this merger of the two churches, there hasn’t been a lot of time to spend with folks from our former congregation.  A birthday’s a good reason to get together, so that’s what we did. There was plenty of food, good stories, lots of laughing and, of course, a great chocolate cake! We found that among us, each month (except December) one of us has a birthday, so someone suggested celebrating together each month – we’ll see.


I learned that a doctor’s office can be a great place to pick up a cold, although he was checking out my knee problem from falling off a ladder this past April during the church move. Then I kindly shared that cold with my wife who’s still trying to shake it.  Last night, after seeing the MRI I had done last week, he said that no surgery would be necessary, but I will have to do stretching exercises petty much the rest of my life and take a medicine over the next year that is supposed to help. Of course getting an MRI was interesting because I was supposed to lie still for forty minutes. If they would have talked to my wife, they would know that it’s impossible for me to lie or sit still for even five minutes. The tech guy kept telling me not to move, and finally came in and put something in the thing that was holding my leg that made it impossible to move it so he could get the pictures he needed. Live and learn!


This past weekend a Word of Life group came to present their program that we are considering using for our teens. We were more than pleased with everything and are considering their materials from kids to teens to university students and adapting materials for use with our adults. Along with the training seminar they also led the youth and university groups on Saturday evening. The kids all had a great time together with them.  They spoke in the Sunday evening service where fourteen people came to the front to dedicate themselves to serve the Lord with integrity. The families that hosted them all commented on what an encouragement they were in their homes as well. It was work getting it all set up, but it was so worth it. One blessing after another! Thanks, Jimo, Diogo, Andreia and Lucyane.  

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