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  Early Monday morning, November 9, 2009


We returned very early Friday morning from a great four-day CHN getaway at Iguaçu Falls in south Brazil.  CHN stands for Christian Hospitality Network, an organization of Christian Hotel and Bed & Breakfast owners in the States.

Each year they choose a different continent and invite missionaries working there to a time away (at CHN expense). Our only costs were for traveling there; everything else – hotel rooms, great meals, etc. were on their tab including beautiful gifts (like candy, books, CDs and DVDs) left on our beds each night.

Traveling with the CHN team was a group of doctors, counselors and financial advisors ready to help in any way they could. Included as well were several masseuses who gave us free massages each day (well, again, free for us...but paid for by the owner of Chick-Fil-A restaurant chain). And, of course, a trip to Iguaçu Falls national park. (see pictures on our blog, )

The first evening’s meeting with instructions about the days ahead was required, from there on, attendance was optional for any other meetings. We could sleep in, sit by one of the four pools, take a nap in hammocks under the palms, go sight-seeing, shop, or whatever!  Just get away and relax!

There were three hundred forty-five missionaries from all over South America that came to this shindig.  We met friends and colleagues from all the different places of our past ministries, and got to meet folks from Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru and Ecuador as well.


We’d been to the falls many times before, but thought it would be fun to see them one more time before we leave Brazil. They were as spectacular as ever.  God’s handiwork there in the middle of a jungle is breath-taking with over two hundred different falls! Why it’s not a Wonder of World is beyond me!

Over the years, we’ve learned to live with names we’ve been called and the preconceived ideas about who we are or what our work is, but to be called “heroes” is something we were definitely not accustomed to, nor to be treated as such, but these past few days were an exception.   

One of the neatest surprises was the night we came into our room, and there, along with the other gifts we got, were several cards and letters from family and friends “back in the States” expressing thanks for what we do and what we meant to them. We both cried as we read them, and I prayed for all of them as we went to bed that night.


Sue got to see the doctor while there and have a check-up. As Sue told all that she’s been through physically in recent years, the doctor listened in amazement and said that it’s just a miracle that she’s alive!  I’m thankful for that….that’s she’s alive, that is!  

After all the pampering, it’s now back to work again for a while.      



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