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 Saturday, November 01, 2008

The similarities between me and my father are completely different!

Today is also our daughter Natali’s birthday. She was born just six weeks after we got to Brazil, and what a cutie she was, and still is! The nurses told us-- through translators back then-- that she was our “lucky baby” because of the way she held her hands when born. We are lucky to have her in our lives.

Happy Birthday to you! We love you lots!

Last Sunday I sang with the Praise team for the first time since we merged the two churches. It was great to be part of the group again, even for an evening. The preaching series on One Another came to a conclusion that night. After the service comes rehearsal for the Christmas cantata, which makes for a later night.

Activities leading up to our Friends’ Day started last week with a big tree with peoples’ pictures up on it. Everyone gets a picture of someone who will be going that day-– next Sunday, the 9th-– and are to pray for them and call them with a word of encouragement between now and then. It was amazing to see all the people checking out pictures.

Wednesday we spent much of the day in banks, trying to get different accounts straightened out for our church building program. At the Bank of Brasil it was a confusing situation which definitely felt like we were in a third-world country. Thankfully, after three hours, the situation was resolved, and thankfully, the place was air-conditioned because it was around 100º outside. That evening returning from a church visit, we got caught in an incredibly strong storm.  After the steamy afternoon, winds picked up, followed by a storm complete with thunder, lightning, heavy rains and hail. We were happy to make it home without being swept down the street with all the flooding.

Last night, Friday, we had our first new “planning team” meeting at church. We are so happy to have Brazilians working with us again. God used some of these couples as an integral part of our ministry and our lives in the past.  During these recent months of transition, most of the planning has been done with the other missionaries, but now it is great to have gifted Brazilians back working with us.

After a month of planning and training the groups, this morning, our evangelistic teams went out for the first time, praying for and talking with our neighbors. Though some work still needs to be done in organization, we believe we will have an impact for the Lord in the neighborhood around our church.

I started writing about a cutie, so I’ll end with another cutie. (See pictures of all this in our blog, ) With cold weather coming to Michigan, Jordan must be thinking, “The only reason I need gloves is because of my hands.”

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