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 Monday afternoon, March 19, 2007


Finally, we are settled into a new place, and have internet access once again to let you know what’s been going on around here.  From the end of January, when we received notice that the owner of the house we’d been living in for the past four years wanted his house back within thirty days, into late February, house hunting became a major concern (looking with seven different realtors).  We looked at several places but, because of the low exchange value on the dollar right now, most were out of our price range. Finally, we found an apartment closer to the center of town that was nice size and more in our price range.  We took it!  


Moving from the big house we were in, to an apartment involved some downsizing with selling about half the furniture we had. We were amazed how just word of mouth got news around and the furniture sold quickly, usually for the price we asked. Of course, Sue has good taste and it was nice stuff we sold.


At least the weather stayed hot and dry for the move. The movers couldn’t get over all the boxes we had, most of them filled with books. It took a little over two weeks to unpack and get things as we wanted them here. Then there was also a lot of fixing up to do since this is an older apartment, but with beautiful wood floors and, being on the sixteenth floor, a great view of the city from the three balconies. This weekend it will be one month since our move, and we’ve already had six guests in.  Guess a move can’t stop our social life! 


I’ve gotten a year older during this process, and also entered a new decade of my life. For the most part, the day passed quietly, but I guess that’s what I need at this age. Sue made me a cake with sixty flowers on it which is something I probably didn’t need, but it tasted great! 


We had a huge wind and rain storm last week Sunday afternoon. One of those for which the tropics are known. When we got to church in the evening the nursery was flooded and the water had run into three other rooms!  Quite a mess especially since the carpet in the nursery was soaked, but at least by church time things were fairly well cleaned up and we had a good worship service.


With everything else going on, we are also in the process of expanding the worship area of the church which, as with most things here in Brazil, involves a lot of bureaucracy. At least we have had one engineer look over the situation and give his opinion as to how to do it, but a second opinion never hurts. We’ve needed this done for a couple months, but have learned to work with the system.


Along with everything else going, we have started a ladies prayer group on Tuesday evenings and a men’s prayer group early Wednesday mornings.  They have both been growing since we started the first of this month. 


Next weekend (March 29-31) we will travel in to São Paulo for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Baptist Seminary there. I taught there for eleven years and was academic dean of the Bachelor program the last four that I was there. We have marked an appointment with the US Consulate to renew our passports (or get new passports) which expired the beginning of this month.   


Sue is having discipleship right now, and I should finish up a study that I’m working on. So at least now you know we’re still alive and well.  Hopefully, now that things are up and running I can be in touch a little more often. Tchau for now.



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