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  Monday evening, March 30, 2009

Good grief! Where’d March go? Better make one more entry before it all ends. 

Sue just left for church and ESL classes, and I’ll head over there later for a discipleship.

We hit four banks this morning before going out to lunch!  Don’t worry.  It’s good.  It was all for the church!  The most complicated bank was Banco do Brasil, to get funds released that had been sent down by the mission back the beginning of the month.  According to the people we spoke with at the bank, that money may reach our church account by the end of this week. We’ll see.  

These past few days were kind of an indication of what the month has been like. Friday is supposed to be our day off. (However, we usually don’t know what to do on a “day off”.) Starting out early, we met for coffee with friends from church.  From there it was a visit with an engineer to consider building plans and costs – the prices he quoted made my jaw drop! It is so expensive!  Then we went out and looked at a couple buildings he is building – really nice, and gave ideas of what to do with ours, whenever that time comes.  We stopped by the mall for lunch, and while wandering around afterward, Sue found a purse that she liked. By then it was time to get home and clean up for the prayer vigil at church that evening. We’re never sure how it will go when we have a vigil, but again, there was a good group out and it was a great time together. Got home and to bed about one in the morning.

Saturday was the start of Word of Life (WOL) weekend at church.  Before that though, the church calendar and newsletter for April had to be printed since this would be the last Sunday before April. The group got here and we had lunch together. There was rehearsal for the teens since they are responsible for leading service any fifth Sunday of the month.  Rehearsal was followed by the youth meeting, with the WOL missionaries leading. The kids had a great time!  The missionaries were impressed with our kids Bible knowledge and willingness to serve.  “Service” was the theme of the study that night, and everyone was involved with the singing, study and skits. (pictures on our blog,  After snacks – you’ve got to feed kids - We finally headed home about eleven-thirty. 

Sunday morning came early. We did a Skype webcam interview for a missionary conference at Jamestown Baptist in Michigan.  Once they got the sound and everything set on their end, it was kind of fun and a pretty good interview. In the afternoon we were supposed to go out to the Blazers’ chácara for Brazilian barbecue with the WOL people, but took a raincheck on that since I had to make up order of service for that evening and some of the props the teens would use, and then there was another rehearsal at five o’clock before the service. 

It was worth all the time and effort that went into everything. The teens did an outstanding job on playing, leading singing, and even helping the WOL missionary with illustrations during the message. It was all very honoring to the Lord!  And one person raised their hand for salvation at the close of the service. The WOL team left after the service, and we headed back home. We ended the day, with a bowl of popcorn and a Snickers bar, watching Jumper!


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