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    Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Edible Complex


Yesterday was my birthday.  Translated, Brazilians say that I’m well preserved (do they mean like “pickled”)!?  I’ve been careful with what I’ve been eating up until yesterday. Sue knows that I love chocolate cake, and made me one for my birthday! It was so hot that the frosting was melting! I have a tendency not to share such temptations as cake with others.   


There were lots of phone calls from well wishers throughout the day and, into the night, since we had a discipleship that went until ten o’clock. Of course the best calls came from my kids. Gifts were finally opened at ten-thirty! 


Then at five-thirty this morning the phone rang again, this time it was the alarm company that monitors the church, not to wish me birthday greetings, but with news that the alarm was going off at church.  A rude awakening, but thankfully, no one was in the building.


We kind of wonder where the past couple weeks have gone. Carnaval retreat was a highlight and a blessing.  Teens spent the night and grown-ups came out during the day. There was plenty of food and free time to use the pool.  Weather has been so hot – in the nineties these past two weeks – that the guys didn’t even try to play soccer! Everyone agreed that it was great weather for ice cream if you ate fast! The studies were on holiness – an appropriate theme considering what goes on during Carnaval in Brazil. 


Along with camp time, we’ve also been working in getting final paperwork together to turn in to the lawyer for legalization of the church. That should finally be ready by tomorrow! 


Add to the list “looking at land for building the church”. You should hear some of the stories of the places we’ve seen!  But now, it’s been narrowed down to two properties with enough space that are finally in our price range. Land that we had looked at two years ago (when we didn’t have enough money) has tripled in value since then.


One of the biggest headache – literally, it’s been giving me a headache – has been filling in the paperwork for the projects committee of our mission. I’m sure that they have our best interests at heart with all of this, but now we find out that our project won’t be considered until their July meeting.  There are time that it’s good to know that God is in control!


On Sunday we had a Brazilian barbecue – churrasco – with friends to celebrate birthdays.  Guto (he and his wife Vanice, our first friends in Bauru) and Beto (he and his wife Carla, also friends for many years) and I have birthdays four days apart (Guto 4 days before me and Beto 4 days after me). We also have all their kids in our teen group at church. It was sooo tasty and fun and thankfully there was a pool to jump into to cool down.


Since Tim was preaching on Sunday, I was invited to sing with the praise team at church. It turned out that it would be only guys singing.  Now, three of us in the group are bald, and two of the three shave their heads.  So in talking about this at the barbecue, everyone thought it would be good if I shaved mine too. (check out the picture in our blog – )  I mean, how much have I got to lose anyway?!  So that afternoon, before the service, Sue shaved my head. Best of all, that evening, when Tim got there he had his head shaved too. We all felt light-headed, and the congregation needed sunglasses!


I’ve rambled on enough. Tchau!

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