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  Monday evening, June 8, 2009


We were supposed to have discipleship tonight, but got a call that our disciples had to cancel because they’re sick and asked to reschedule. Sue should be finishing up her ESL classes in the next hour, so we can have supper together. 


Sunday was the one year anniversary service at church. There was a great group out to celebrate, and fourteen visitors (part of a month long campaign of members inviting guests called “Building Community”). Each guest received a coffee mug with the logo and name of the church. In preaching I compared this first year to a roller coaster ride, with all the ups and downs and unexpected curves. But the one thing didn’t change, that being God’s faithfulness. And the logical response should be putting our faith into action as we begin this second year together.


Each week there will be special music. This past Sunday was church talent.  There is a lot of talent available, vocal and instrumental, from all ages - three on up. Some even writing music and lyrics for their presentation. (check out pictures on our blog at )


We’re losing Mateus, one of our teens, who is heading over to Germany for a year on an high school student exchange program. We’ll miss him in our youth group and small group, with his knowledge and talents that he brings always with a good spirt.  Last night he played a guitar duet with Lucas, another sharp teen, who is considering going to study at Word of Life in the states when he finishes high school the end of this year.


This past week was a tough one to get through. On Monday, we got news that Marty Ketcham, one of my students I had while teaching in Bangladesh, died of a heart attack at age 47, leaving his wife Chris and five children. Marty was like a kid brother to me as I lived with the Ketcham family for several months over there.  On Tuesday we received the news that a son of some other friends, Russ and Holly Spees, died of a shotgun wound. He was only 21 years old. Then on Thursday, we heard that our colleagues’, the Blazers, maid of the past seven years, was hit first by a motorcycle, while crossing a street, knocking her down, and then by a car which killed her. Her husband died two months ago, and she leaves six children. All of these families have been on our minds and in our prayers.   


On the brighter side, there’s a holiday here Thursday (last one until August) and Valentine’s Day on Friday this week.  Also, we’re thinking about cruising at the end of the year holidays. Guess we need a break!


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