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  Wednesday, June 03, 2009


The temperatures are way down here this morning!  It was only 3º C when I got up – that’s 37º F, and when you don’t have central heat, or any heat for that matter, that’s cold!  We bundle up in layers of shirts and sweatshirts, and last night while watching Fringe we were wrapped up in blankets. If anyone would have walked in on us, they could have thought they’d walked into an old folks’ home – a dark room (except for the glow of the TV) and two “oldies” wrapped up in their recliners. The one nice thing is that my recliner is heated!


The dollar continues on its free-fall down as well. In the past six weeks we’ve lost over fifty cents on a dollar, it’s still going down according to this morning’s news. Time to tighten our belts again!


Of course all over the news here is the Rio/Paris Air France flight that went down over the Atlantic on Sunday night. Very mysterious. We had made that same trip six years ago!


Sunday night our old congregation, New Life Baptist Church, went down into history in a unanimous vote at a business meeting after the worship service. It was an emotional time for me to close down that work after so many years until someone pointed out how God is blessing this new work we’ve begun.  Now to get that documentation registered with the government and transfer banking over to New Life Baptist Community church. Everyone will be so happy when this whole process is done, and everything is under one name.


The teens were responsible for the evening service, being the fifth Sunday of the month.  They did well in leading the service. For being “kids” they are an example for the whole church.  This weekend begins the month long anniversary celebration for our first year as a church.


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