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Journal Entry: Monday afternoon, June 2, 2008  


It is fall here and colors are changing, but being in the tropics they’re not the usual colors you would associate with the season-– pinks and purples instead of orange and brown. To see photos go to our blog-–

These past three weeks have been unbelievably busy. Closing one church building up and getting another one ready to use. I was responsible for getting workers to lay a new tile floor in the worship area and kitchen before much other work could be done. Outside of a couple hitches along the way, they got it done in pretty much record time-– at least for Brazil! Most of the building still needs painting (but that part’s not my responsibility), but classrooms were ready for use yesterday and the worship area was cleaned and set up for services.

We had to pack up, clean out and move everything from the building we were presently renting. Most of the packing was done with peoples’ help after the last Sunday evening service of May. That was a service of mixed emotions looking back on what God has accomplished through the ministry and looking forward to what He will do through His Church in what’s coming up-– the theme of the evening was Ebenezer-- “Thus far has the Lord helped us”. 

It was also the start of a busy week of moving. Trips and work between old building and new building seemed endless until we turned in the keys to the old place last Friday. With so many folks helping both day and night on Friday and Saturday, the new place was set up (and a lot of stuff hidden out of sight). A platform area was built and ready to use; a beautiful garden area put up in the front; a nice reception area cleaned and ready to go beside the main entry hall leading to the auditorium. With all this going on, Bill managed to fall off a ladder and hurt his knee. Maybe this week, with a little calmer schedule he’ll have a doctor check it out. Each evening we came home tired and making “old people” sounds.  

New Life Baptist Community church held its first service yesterday, the first of June. There was a very positive, encouraging attitude among the people.  One hundred twenty folks came out for the first service. For being a first service, everything went well, from music to preaching-– for which we have to praise the Lord.  With much still to get done yet, the inaugural service will not be held until the first Sunday in July.

So from here we move ahead. Programs are being newly planned and activities organized. We look forward to what God has in store with this new venture!

 In Christ’s exciting service,
Bill and Sue Spoelhof

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