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 Thursday afternoon, June 18, 2009


We just had a nice visit with Natali via computer this afternoon – a fun break for all of us!  There was a lot of running to get done after my pastors’ meeting with Tim this morning, but we managed to get home in time for the call.


It’s hard to believe that a week has gone by since the long holiday weekend.  Last Thursday was a holy day here, and kind of quiet around town, except for one street three blocks down from our apartment.  The catholic churches in town had set up street displays extending five blocks leading up to one of the churches. I walked down to get a closer look before all the activities got started. It was great to get out and walk in the sun!  Each parish had colorful displays on different blocks. Though they did not do sand paintings on the streets this year, as I’d hoped, it was still very colorful, and lots of flowers, with different representations of Jesus’ life, Paul’s missionary journeys, and other Bible stories. I considered staying to observe the mass, but as crowds began to congregate, I decided it would be easier to watch things from a sixteenth floor balcony back home.


Friday Valentine’s Day here was also kind of quiet because of the previous day holy day.  We went out to lunch, I got my wife three dozen roses, she made me a chocolate cake – and I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!  Nah, yes I can!  Then we stayed home, watched some movies, had some popcorn and just laid low.


Saturday was spent with the teens from church. They’re a great group, but they didn’t think it was fair that they couldn’t go to (or afford) the Sweethearts’ Dinner that we’re having this Saturday for couples at church. However, they seemed to be appeased when we told them we were planning a fondue night just for them on July 4.  And with the cold winter weather these days it should be just right for fondue! And we can use our chocolate fountain again.


Sunday was the second week of celebration for the church’s first anniversary. Of course, numbers were down due to the long holiday weekend, but the singing group that presented - brothers and sisters – chose incredible music with excellent close harmony. I wish there was a way I could include their sound instead of just showing a picture. (see pictures at )  They had presented in our old church for an anniversary five years ago, and have only improved with time.


It was also Pastors Day so there was a special presentation and slideshow of the lives of Tim and Bill starting all the way back to baby pictures and through each of our lives. And boy, we’ve been through a lot!  We were each presented with a leather framed picture. Very nice! 


And now, it’s almost the weekend again. Tonight is our next to last small group meeting before winter break. I know most people don’t think that temps in the forties is cold, but we’re in the tropics here! We’ll dress warm because with the size group we have we sit out on the veranda beside the pool at the house where we meet. Brrr! 

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