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Thursday afternoon, January 8, 2009    A Clean Sweep!

Wow!  2009 is already a week old!  We had a fun New Year’s Eve party with friends from church at Guto and Vanice’s house. The evening went by quickly as there was so much to eat, and we all had a great time visiting. It was like everybody was taking pictures – many with new cameras they got as a Christmas gift. At midnight we went to their roof-top porch, watched the fireworks go off all around the city and gave hugs and kisses to each other and everyone around us-- very Brazilian!  We got home and to bed around three in the morning! 


After a new year’s day of wandering, kind of in a daze, around the house half awake and watching DVDs (no parades or bowl games to watch here), Sue decided it was time to get down to business.  Christmas decorations at home came down and were packed away. Then she decided it was time clean out closets and cupboards around the house. Well, there's sure have a lot less stuff around here now, and more stuff to give to the church bazaar coming up!


This past Monday evening we were out to Tim and Andrea Blazer’s house for an excellent shrimp supper. When their son Robert told me, over the weekend, that we’d be eating shrimp but that you also dipped bread in the oil with the trimmings they were cooked in, I thought yuck, but it was just the opposite - Yum!  Our cholesterol probably shot up a couple hundred points, but boy what a tasty way to go!  After supper and playing with their kids and getting to know their huge new puppies Oreo and Carmel (Cão-fila breed which grow bigger than Great Danes), we had a planning time for the new discipleship program that’s getting started and other church stuff.


Today we received news that my mom is in her last days on this earth. The doctor said, days, at the most a week. Since her fall just before Christmas, she’s gone downhill. Though she’s been, up to recently, a feisty ninety-five year old, she’s still Mom, and it is heart-breaking and difficult to be so far away.  We tired talking to her on the phone yesterday, but she couldn’t understand us. Thankfully, an attendant was in the room with her and took the phone and communicated what we said to her.  We believe, in the end, that she knew it was we who called, and responded in same when we told her we loved her.


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