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  Monday afternoon, February 12, 2007


OK!  It’s about time to write a new journal entry since the last one was two months ago.  Sue is just finishing up a discipleship right now and I am waiting for Mario to stop by for a visit he requested yesterday.

We received news yesterday that my sister Jewl Ann will be having another surgery this afternoon-- right about now. That was something we weren't expecting, but are praying that everything goes well for her. I just checked weather on from Grand Rapids and am glad we are not there.  Brrrr!


I didn’t get too far with this entry before Mario stopped by. He has been working with us as assistant pastor at the church these past two years and has been a great encouragement in the ministry. Along with a seminary degree, he also has a degree in psychology as well as owns his own store. He wanted to share with us this afternoon that he believes that God is not calling him into any fulltime ministry, and that he will be stepping down as assistant pastor.  He and Marta will continue attending at our church and work in areas of music and some counseling, but nothing beyond that. Just like in that book Who Moved My Cheese? we learn that change happens, so adapt, enjoy and be ready to quickly change again and again.  I have said to people that we may be taken by surprise with things that happen in our lives (which has happened many times since we moved here), but God is never surprised.  He knew about this change, and we must trust Him for what is to come next. 


Last week was a change of pace as we had our ABWE Bauru Field Council family retreat. It was a nice change for me to not have to chair the meetings-– a first!  It was held at a beautiful resort on an island in a huge river about two hours from here. Cars were left on the mainland and everything and everyone was transported out on a boat. The Blazer family was first to arrive and, of course, their first suitcase unloaded unto the dock fell into the river.  Fortunately, nothing was lost, only some clothes got wet, and it didn’t happen again. The whole atmosphere was like an escape, very relaxing, which all of us needed.  While the kids had hotel-supervised playtime all day, mornings and evenings the adults did daily Bible studies using the book The Life You’ve Always Wanted-– a very encouraging study.  Annual reports were presented and some planning done for the year ahead. Afternoons were free for swimming, kayaking, a schooner ride and other water activities-– what else when you’re surrounded by water?! 


Changes have also been going on at church. It has been filled every Sunday for the past month.  Right now I am trying to set a time to meet with an engineer to decide which walls can safely be taken down to open up our worship area is the first step. The project will then be presented to the owner, and if she approves, we will begin the renovation. We really need the space.  It would be so nice if we owned the place and wouldn’t have to go through that approval step.   


Speaking of change, the last day of January we received word that the owner of the house we’ve been living in wants his house back by the first of March.  We had to scramble, working with seven different realtors, looking at apartments and houses in all different price ranges.  First compromise was to go with an apartment as there were very few nice houses available. Second compromise was to go with a smaller apartment with a lower rent. To move from this huge house to an apartment will be a big change for starters.  Along with everything else that’s going on we have had to sell a lot of the furniture we’ve accumulated here over the past four years, but it is good quality and almost everything that had to be sold has been sold. That money will help with the expenses of the move.  Another change is that we will be living in a different part of town that we don’t know well and is farther from church, but that can be handled by adjusting schedules during the day to coincide with church activities.  


We have started doing more evening visiting now that people are back from summer vacation, and after the Carnaval holiday next week, we will be starting two new prayer groups-– one in the early morning before work for men and another in the evening for ladies that are not involved in our small groups.


Now, it is time to stop for a while. We learned last week that solitude is good. I could use some of that. Have a great week ahead, and I’ll try to be more regular with these entries once we are moved-– if everything comes together, probably next week Thursday. That’s it for now. Tchau!



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