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  Tuesday, December 16, 2008

‘Tis the Season!!

This past week included pastors’ meetings, visits, last meetings of our small groups for the year, and rehearsals. But the highlight was the presentation of the Christmas cantata at church on Sunday evening. Welcoming people coming in that evening, I was impressed at how many visitors were coming in along with the church family. When the service was over, so many people commented on how clearly the message of the Lord’s birth was communicated, and that the whole presentation went so smoothly– choir, narration, solos, duets, trio, the children’s choir and the youth who also took part. Our choir isn’t big, but also, only four of the members knew how to read music, and we sang four parts.  In the end, we could only respond “Praise God!”  Personally, I was kind of concerned about the pastors’ trio, but even that went well!  I wish there was a way that you could hear a little of it; well, I’m sure there is a way, but I don’t know how to do it. You can see pictures if you go to my blog:

Sue was kept running throughout the evening with responsibilities for welcoming before and fellowship time reception afterward.  There were around two hundred people that came out for the service! Dozens of brochures about our church services and activities were printed to hand out to guests, and all of those went.  Of course, the trays holding dozens homemade cookies were empty in a flash at the fellowship time afterward. But all the work that everyone contributed for the evening was so worth it!

When we got home from church, there was a message on our answering machine. My mom had passed out and fallen that evening at the Home, and had been taken to the hospital with a broken hip and her left wrist shattered- and she’s left-handed. She had hip surgery Monday night, and should have the wrist in a cast today. At ninety-five years old, this has to disheartening! Among the hardest adjustments will be that she’ll have to go to assisted living when she returns to the Home instead of her nice apartment.  Pray for her.

Last night was our mission Christmas dinner. Food was great, and we laughed a lot, but somehow it didn’t seem very “Christmassy”– who knows, maybe because it was raining outside instead of snowing.  We had to get this dinner in before our colleagues Dave and Val head north on furlough.

Now, we are counting the days until Aaron and Rachel get here for Christmas. They travel tomorrow night, but will spend some time in São Paulo since Aaron’s in a friend’s wedding on Sunday. We’ll drive in to pick them up on Monday.  Yay!


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