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  Wednesday afternoon, September 15, 2010

After we made a visit this morning, Sue was asked to help out a friend this afternoon, so I’ll take a little time to make a journal entry right now.

Thirty-one years ago today we first arrived in Brazil. We came with only three suitcases and ten small boxes to start our life in this country.  My, how things have changed since then.  But we’ve just kept going and going and going . . .

The other day I looked out the window and couldn’t believe it when I saw a yellow school bus going down the street. Now in the States these are very common, but they are totally "foreign" down here. I don’t know who owns it or what it is doing here, but there it was big and yellow with “School Bus” written in English on the sides – a touch of the states in Bauru. (see pics on our blog –

It’s been my turn to see doctors and have exams these past couple weeks. Thankfully, clinics and laboratories have been within walking distance – one nice thing with having to large hospitals within blocks of our apartment – because the city has been repaving streets around our neighborhood., and rather than doing it at night with little traffic, they do it during the day at heavy traffic times.

Anyway, the street behind us is a heavily traveled four-lane thoroughfare. So when it closed down for repaving, all westbound traffic – cars, buses, trucks, you name it… - was redirected down our little one way cobblestone street. What confusion just trying to get out or back home!

I imagine the city figures that as “holey” as streets are here, no one would complain how or when they were repaved. And it is a smooth ride to church now (once off our cobblestone street).

Then if traffic noise wasn’t enough, it is also national election time, so candidates have sound trucks going around with loud music and announcements of why you should vote for that candidate.

With all the progress we’ve seen in Brazil over the years, some things still seem “third-world”.

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