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  Monday evening, August 3, 2009


July is done. Home visits from the pastors are over. The holiday weekend is history. Life now gets back to normal.  I just got back from a mission “field council” meeting at church.  I left my wife and the car there, and walked home with stops at the grocery store, the post office, the place that refills my ink cartridges and the bakery (since I have to fix my own supper).  It is August, and Sue has started her ESL classes again.  Our Monday night discipleship won’t begin until later in the month.


Next Monday we drive in to São Paulo to pick up Natali at the airport. She gets in on Tuesday morning, but it is easier to go a day ahead of time and spend the night at a hotel. Then we’re all flying down to Rio for a few days. That should be a fun time, especially the part of hang-gliding off Pedra da Gávea - one of the cliffs – gliding over the botanical gardens, then out over the ocean and finally landing down on the beach below. Cool! Can’t wait!


Sue wanted to go to the H. Stern jewelry factory before I jumped off the cliff, but decided she’d probably have more money to spend after I jumped.  She’s made sure life insurance is all in order, and said she’d be waiting on the beach to pick up the pieces! We’ll see!


The day Natali comes in is our thirty-sixth wedding anniversary!  We won’t celebrate in South Africa, like last year, but I still like Rio, and we’ll have our little girl along for the ride this time.


Yesterday kicked off Family Month at church. It was a great start, and a super crowd of people. The guest speaker was our missionary with Child Evangelism who spoke on communication within family. The theme song is “Prayer for the Family”, pictures of folks from church when they were little are shown up on the big screen, wedding albums are out on display, and there was even a baby dedication. It was a special day!  At the end of last night’s service, the church presented Ismael an offering of equivalent to US$500 for the trip he is heading up with a Child Evangelism group from Brazil to Bolivia in the end of September. They will spend the first week training folks in evangelism and the second week go out to several regions of the country to do evangelistic work. (see pics on our blog – )


Now it’s way past my supper time so I’m going to eat! Tchau!



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