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 Saturday afternoon, August 14, 2010


It seems that during these past month, when we haven’t been in seeing doctors the time is spent recuperating at home. Sue’s surgery went well and we’re thankful for that. The doctors have been pleased with her progress and that no complications occurred (outside of a bladder infection). Their major concern was that she doesn’t have a spleen, thus she has no immune system.


Life has gone on though. We really haven’t missed too much. Along with nursing duties and doctor appointments, there’s cooking, doing laundry, buying groceries and other outside work when someone was able to come in to keep track of Sue.  


I’ve kept up with most church responsibilities.  Even on the weekend of the surgery and the day of her release from the hospital, I preached.  We did miss a church soup supper (which we have each winter, hot or cold weather!) and a prayer vigil, but that was about it.  Discipleships, ministry team, youth group (and training a couple couples to lead in the near future), and preaching for Father’s Day last Sunday as part of Family month has kept me involved.  Sue’s first outing was to church service last Sunday for Father’s Day.


My discipleship with Filipe - a young man literally saved out of a life of drugs, drinking and women, who came to me saying that he was trying to fill an emptiness in his life that only Jesus could fill - has been one of the high points of this year.  Each week he comes with something new – one week, while reading a book we give new believers, he understood that he had to tell others about Jesus, and he started by telling his parents about his decision and the change Jesus made in his life;  then he came having read through the book of Matthew as well as the letters of John (he’s now reading through the book of John); still another week he wanted to pray “out loud” with me because he had so much to thank God for; and then this past week he invited one of his friends to come to the discipleship to hear what we were studying in the Bible. Many believers here won’t pray out loud or try to read even a short book of the Bible, let alone talk with others about salvation. 


On our wedding anniversary, the 11th, I took Sue out to get her hair cut, followed by lunch out at a restaurant, and ending the day out at the doctors for another post-op examination.  She was exhausted by the time we got home, but liked getting out after a month. 


Last night, we went out to the fifteenth birthday party of one of the kids from our youth group (see photos on our blog - ).  In Brazil, the fifteenth birthday party is a big event for girls, on the scale of a wedding.  It was an invitation only party and the invitation had to be presented at the door to get in. We arrived a little before eleven at night, and things were just getting going. There were about three hundred people celebrating inside the club with other wannabes waiting outside. The theme was Phantom of the Opera, and the place was decorated like an opera house with a large chandelier above the center of the room with fog machines. The guys at the bar, mixing different kinds of great tasting non-alcoholic tropical fruit drinks, wore phantom masks. The food kept coming nonstop all night.  Around mid-night, Ingrid came down a staircase in her fancy gown, making her entrance to dance a waltz with her dad.  From there the DJ took over. Sue was tired, and we felt it best to head home, but it was a fun night out.


Today, not much is going on beyond my finishing up the study for tonight’s youth group, and this time to touch base and let folks know that we’re still hanging in here.  

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