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  Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It’s been a while since I’ve written, and it is June already.  Stuff’s been going on, but I just keep forgetting to write it down.


Mother’s Day is now history.  The ladies at church had a tea the Saturday after.  Sue spent lots of time making decorations and then setting up the church. The ladies and girls had lots of fun with the different hats they made as well as a good study together. (pictures on our blog, 


After the Blazers’ departure for furlough, we are now saying good-bye to another colleague Sue Lodico as she heads back to the states and an appointment with the mission to a new field of service.  The first of the farewells for her started last week.


This is our last month as leaders of the teens’ group at church.  We’ve been studying about angels the past few weeks.  It is a doctrine little studied, but very interesting, and the kids have enjoyed it.  They had fun leading the worship service this past Sunday.


As always, there are plenty of church meetings.  The studies with our new deacons that I’ve been doing have been fun, and they are excited about their ministry.  The building and design committee is getting organized now to meet with engineers and architects.  And then there are meetings coming up with the folks involved in discipleships and in marketing (for lack of better word).  Plans are set for the second anniversary celebration of the church this coming Sunday.  I’ve been working on a slideshow of the past two years, and have to praise God for the progress made during that time.


World Cup Soccer fever has taken hold here! Everything is “verde e amarelho” (green and yellow) around the nation for the Brazil team.  The Brazil games will be shown on the big screen at church.  It’s more fun to watch with a crowd…and there’s bound to be a big crowd involved!


I’m glad tomorrow is a holiday here.  It’ll be good to have a day off.  Guess this is it for the time being.

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