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 Tuesday evening, May 11, 2010


What a great day for celebration!! Things got off to a running start this morning.  Sue was preparing lunch to take out to the Blazers as they are leaving on furlough in the states tomorrow, when we got a call from Tim that the zoning document for church property was approved and all the payments and signing of documents could be done this afternoon. Sue spent time on the phone talking with Tim and the bank (which was amazingly cooperative in the process), while I managed things that were cooking on the stove.  Sue did finish in time to put all the parts of the lunch together.  


Leaving home, we stopped by the bank to take out the investments in the name of the church; get a large check approved for paying the owner; and then write about a half dozen other checks for realtors and other agencies that had to be paid off in the process. After years of praying, fund raising and looking for land, it all came together and the money was there to pay everything off in cash!


Over these past four years, in spite of many frustrations along the way, we could see God’s perfect timing in this process right down to this day. The zoning permit, lost in a mess of a department at city hall, was found and approved.  We ended up eating the lunch that we took out for the Blazers with them, and then Tim (church president), Sue (first treasurer) and I (vice-president) traveled over to the registry of deeds to finish the process.  So this was an historic day in the ministry we started in Bauru, as well as a celebration of all things - great and small - that God has done throughout this land process!  (see pictures on our blog - )


Last Saturday was a wedding celebration, in spite of the rain, for one of the couples from church. Emerson was saved during the pre-marital counseling time.  We walked over to the service - which was only two blocks away – together under a big umbrella. Just wasn’t as romantic as I’d thought it would be between sloppy mud and loose sidewalk and watching our step like a couple of old people. 


Then Sunday, along with being Mother’s Day, was a tearful farewell service for the Blazer family (and they’re only going to be gone for a year). The next good-bye in June, for colleague Sue Lodico, will be a permanent one.  


Monday night as folks were coming into our small group, one came in and said that a guy wearing a mask and carrying a gun was riding around the block on his bicycle. We made sure everything was locked once everyone was inside, and someone joked that with the doors shut maybe we should turn off the lights as well - or I think it was meant as a joke. That kind of stuff happened in São Paulo, but not nice Bauru  


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