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 Tuesday afternoon, March 23, 2010


March is coming to a close, and I haven’t entered cyberspace with a journal entry! 


As the month began, I celebrated another birthday and my wife made me a chocolate cake. It was the only thing I asked for, and I enjoyed it all myself!  One of the highlights that day was talking with our kids!  The partying carried over into the next day with our small group - and another cake, lemon this time.  Another party was waiting for me on Saturday night, with our teen group from church, who is always looking for something to party about. - brownies that time.  Lots of cakes to say the least, not to mention the chocolate ice cream cake I received as a present.


On Friday of that week I picked up some virus and got really sick over the weekend.  I drugged myself up enough to do the youth group on Saturday, but by Sunday morning I was coughing, running a fever and had pretty much lost my voice.  That was the day I was to start a new preaching series.  Thankfully, Tim stepped in for me.  By Tuesday, I passed whatever I had on to my wife who, thankfully, didn’t get it as bad as I had.  The cough is still hanging on.


Life is pretty much back to “normal”… the new preaching series is started; the church ministries team met, land search goes on, but we now add our car to the to do list – she’s getting older and is staring to make demands like a new battery and new tires for starters.


This past Saturday was a farewell with our teen group as Lucas, one of our young people, heads out on a short term missions trip to work for Youth With a Mission in Hawaii.  He is the first missionary sent out by our young church. We have seen Lucas grow spiritually over these past few years, and in these last few months we have walked him through the mission and visa application processes, and Sue is helping him with English. He speaks well, and is looking forward to this new mission adventure. He’ll arrive on the Big Island this Friday.


Sunday was a carry-in supper at church. (pictures at ) No one went away hungry –physically or spiritually. The church was again packed to the gills for an uplifting evening of worship – including a baby dedication, mission emphasis, and our study in the book of Nehemiah.


Not much else to write about right now. We’ll catch up again later. Tchau!


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