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 Monday evening, February 20, 2010


Here’s to Your Health!  One week, Two churrascos!


Here in Brazil people joke that the year begins after Carnaval. That’s pretty true!  Things are getting going again.  The teen group has started after a short summer hiatus. The kids were so ready to get things going, some were even jumping for joy (not really, this was just part of a game). See pictures on our blog –  


Last year there was a two day get away over carnaval, but this church has never done a long retreat. We tried to get one going this year, but too many people have to work and can’t get away. The leadership team is going to try a shorter one again over the Labor Day holiday weekend, May 1. We’ll see what happens.


This year on carnaval we had a day long “churrasco” (that means delicious Brazilian barbecue) together. The meat was so tasty! Almost seventy people came to eat and have some fun together!  There were several people that were to be baptized that day too, but because of complications only two were.  These are some of the new believers of the past few months.  Another baptism is being planned for Labor Day weekend.


Yesterday, we were invited to another delicious “churrasco”. This time at the business of a couple who are part of our small group from church.  Eliseu loves speed, and for promoting his business throughout Brazil, he now owns a Formula 1 - Gran Prix - racecar.  We were invited for the unveiling celebration along with all the employees.  It was awesome and loud!  Though we had lived near the Formula 1 track in São Paulo, I’d never been close to the cars. This one we could walk up to and touch (though he wouldn’t let me sit in it).  It was cool! 


Years ago, when we first received a gift for putting in air-conditioning at church, people felt that it was just an “American thing” and they could live without it.  What different comments now!  With days over a hundred degrees this summer, you hear comments like “It’s so good to come to church and worship and just cool down for a while.”  Summer clearance sales are finishing up, and we “fall back” with time tonight, but that air-con goes all year long here in the tropics!  

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