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 Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Life!


Pastors’ meeting was put on hold this morning, so there are a couple minutes to get an update here.


This past Sunday was the organizational meeting for the New Life Baptist Community church. It was a dark, stormy day outside, but not so on inside . . . it was a very calm and organized meeting.  Because of Brazilian bureaucracy, it was really three meetings-- the first to name the church and accept first members, followed by the second to approve the constitution and by-laws, and finally the third to elect and approve the board of directors.  Of the fifty-one people who signed up as founding members, forty-seven were present for the meeting.  The next step is to get all this documentation registered at city hall, but that won’t happen until next week since everything comes to a screeching halt at Carnaval time in this country, which is starting now. (To see a group picture go to  )


We are also looking at a piece of property that would meet the needs of the future church building, and we have funds on hand to make the purchase!  Everything looks very positive. It is only four blocks down from where we are located right now.  Again, a counter offer may be made, but nothing will happen until after Carnaval.


The teens from our group are involved in two different Carnaval retreats this weekend.  Several people have kindly offered to step in to organize and lead so that we won’t have to be spending nights policing what the kids are up to. (Not that they do anything bad-- they’re a great bunch of teens-- just that sometimes some control is needed.)


Work still needs to get done so I’m out of here. Tchau!  

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