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  Wednesday evening, July 1, 2009


A week ago, our waterbed sprung a leak. That sure changed the plans for the day. Still don’t know how it happened, but waking up that morning, sheets and blankets were wet, and somehow the plastic liner didn’t keep the water in so it was draining all over the floor, and no way to find the leak.  We ended up hitting several mattress stores during the day, and were shocked at the prices, as well as delays in delivery time – mostly around two weeks.  We finally found a store which had one we liked in stock – though not our first choice – that could be delivered that afternoon, so we got it. The rest of the day was spent draining the old mattress, dismantling the frame and cleaning up the water on the floor before setting up a regular bed.  It has been quite an adjustment after twenty years of waterbed, especially the part of getting into a warm bed on these cold nights.


Bathrooms are an important part of Brazilian culture. In fact, we have four of them in our apartment; however, there’s no hot water so it is cold washing hands and dishes.  We have electric showerheads to heat water for taking a bath. Sunday, getting ready for church, the showerhead in Sue’s bathroom blew out.  I know how to fix, but hate messing with, electrical and water stuff.  Finally, yesterday afternoon, I got that repaired so no more cold showers!


Today, everything around the house finally seemed to be back in working order. Now as I finish this up and want to post it, I find out that the internet service in our building is down.  Cyberspace withdrawal has begun!  Yea, it’s back on this evening.


At church, we ended the month of first year anniversary celebration. Each Sunday the musical presentations became more impressive. This past Sunday night a twenty-voice choir presented numbers from Bach to contemporary Christian music.  The church was packed to the gills, and by mid- service there was standing room only in the entry hall.  In the main auditorium, tables were all decorated for a carry-in meal - not casseroles like in the states, but Brazilian finger foods.  It was amazing how many people “forgot” to bring something to share, but that didn’t hold anyone back from eating. Thankfully there was plenty brought in from folks who remembered. (Pictures from that night on our blog – ) As the “Building Community” visitor campaign came to a close, there were over sixty guests who came out to church by invitation of members throughout the month.


During July, pastoral home visits are going on as we try to touch base with all the members during this month of winter break from small groups. Each day and each visit is different.


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