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Saturday afternoon, September 17, 2005

Wow, itís been about two months since anything was added to our journal!  Iíd better take a few minutes to give an update.

We are enjoying time with our kids as well as the rest of our family.  We were to go to Cedar Point amusement park with Natali, Joel and Lynne and Debbie Buck (another MK from Brazil and Nataliís roommate) this past Monday after a meeting in Detroit, but found out that the park is only opened on weekends.  We still had a good time going to Cabela sporting goods store and a Science Museum in Toledo (not too far from where Natali lives), just being together and laughing a lot.

In the end of August we flew out to California to spend some time Aaron.  It was an excellent time since he took time off work to be with us and travel around southern California a bit. We enjoyed getting to know his girlfriend Rachel too. It was neat being part of his life as he was promoted to his next belt in Tae Kwan Do, worshipping in the church (called The Rock) heís attending, and since he lives close to Old San Diego, Balboa Park and San Diego Zoo, we spent time seeing attractions there as well as around Coronado and La Jolla.  One day we traveled up to celebrate Disneylandís 50th anniversary, stopping along the way to see some of the beautiful homes heís involved in building, and the last day we went to the huge Wild Animal Park.  It was good to see how much he is enjoying life there.

Weíve celebrated birthdays and holidays and reunions with family too. There was a family party picnic for Billís momís ninety-second birthday in August. Labor day weekend we spent with family in different parts of the state, Natali in Ypsilanti for breakfast, Sueís sister Karen and her family camping near Lansing for lunch, and a hotdog supper with Joel and Lynne, her folks, Jewl and Grandpa and Grandma Spoelhof.  Weíre trying to make as many family memories as possible while weíre here!

We know that people have been praying for Billís sister Jewl Ann. Weíve been able to accompany her to her last full chemo treatment and this past Wednesday to see her oncologist.  He was pleased with the progress and reduction of the cancer as a result of the first chemotherapies. The next recommended step is a moderate chemo to begin soon.

At times, Brazil seems far away, although itís constantly on our minds.  We touch base calling a different family from church each week. All reports we receive indicate that everything is under control and running smoothly. Itís been a struggle getting money down to the church account for rent, but thankfully itís finally in the church account.

Now that itís September, meetings have started in our supporting churches.  Next week we will be heading east to report to churches in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Time to close and get this sent. Have a great week. Tchau!

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