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Tuesday morning, January 11, 2005

Wow!  Our annual reports are done and a prayer prompter’s written and set to send.  Getting this journal ready will make a good morning’s work.  Finding my sermon notes for this Sunday on this messy desktop would really make my day.

Guess it’s better to change the heading from “morning” to “afternoon” since we just did hamburgers on the grill for lunch.  Visitors have been stopping by, but Sue’s going out now with a friend for coffee and “catching up”, and I just won’t answer the doorbell.

Our end of the year trip was tremendous beyond words!!  We have lots of great memories stored up.  There were no hang-ups traveling, except that two cans of cooking spray were removed from our suitcases as “hazardous materials”.  We saw on the news earlier today that inspectors are removing items from suitcases that they want!  Who knows?  Oh well, we’ll live without the cooking spray.

A sad note in our travels was that while we were gone, Molly, Sue’s cat (who was staying with friends) ran away. She was good natured and good company and will be missed.  Hopefully, she’s found a good home.

It is nice to be back in Bauru where it’s warm, (even if there are rainstorms passing through today).  We’re unpacked but will have to pack up again soon.  On Monday, Sue heads to the hospital in Sao Paulo for three days of CAT Scans and exams to see how her veins are reconstructing.  The following week we go to ABWE All Brazil conference in a resort town east of Sao Paulo.  We won’t be back to Bauru until the 31st!

With summer holidays here, and attendance was down at church on Sunday.  But the group that was there was so happy to see us. After the service no one wanted to go home and just sat around talking until late.

One of the neat conversations we had was with a young man who was saved just before the end of the year, and to see and hear how he’s grown, and what he’s learning from the Bible as he reads it each day.  He, and his girlfriend were so excited!  Pray for Leo as he begins his walk as a believer.

I’m not going to make this long since I also want to get our web cam (Christmas gift) set up on our computer, and see how that works.  Will write again later.  Have a great week!  Tchau!

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