Special Praise Item:
Subject: Spoelhof Praise Item - Special Edition
Date: March 22, 2001

Dear Praying Friends,

Since the end of last year, we have been asking people to pray each month for God's direction as we looked for a place to rent here for the start of our church.  Over that time we have looked at around thirty different buildings.  One of the first we looked at was a building that had been used as an electronic lottery that went out of business (that's unusual in itself!).  It is located on a main street surrounded by an upscale shopping area in the south end of the city.  It is the one place that we and our colleagues the Brandas agreed on, but the rent the owner was asking was way beyond our means.  As we continued looking at other sites, we began praying that if it was within His will, God would give us that place-- basically that just seemed impossible to us.

This week, after negotiations, the owner came way down in his asking price to within dollars of what we had asked.  We accepted the offer, have the keys in our hands, and the documentation should be finished by weekend.  It will take a while to "get our house in order" but we plan to have things ready for first services by May.

Praise God with us for this place He's provided for the ministry He's given us in Bauru.

In Christ's exciting service!

Bill and Sue



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