Special Prayer Prompter
Subject: Spoelhof Prayer Prompter - Special Edition
Date: March 10, 2000
1) We just received news that one of the faithful deacons in our church in Sao Paulo was involved in an accident. Monday, he was on his way to visit our colleagues Bob and Lois Walsh during Carnaval break when during a rainstorm he lost control of his car spun around three times went across the median and hit an oncoming car. The man in the other car was killed, and Josemar is now charged with involuntary manslaughter. Pray for Josemar and his family. (Many of the stateside construction team members who helped at our church will remember Josemar as the guy who drove the teams around in his Volkswagen bus.)

2) Yesterday, our son Aaron was rear-ended here in Grand Rapids. His car is totaled, and he has had neck and abdominal pain.

Thanks for praying for these matters with us.
Bill and Sue Spoelhof


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