Subject: Spoelhof Prayer Prompter - September,  2001
    Date: September 1, 2001

Praise God with us...

For a successful time with the team of 23 teens that came from New York state to minister here.  They presented the gospel in thirteen different high schools through twenty-one presentations with 150 to 300 people attending each assembly.  I translated for fourteen of the programs, as well as part of the services in the Alfa Center.  (My voice was about gone by the time they left!)  There were 200 out for the youth rally on the final Saturday evening, plus 75 for the morning service and 85 in the evening in the evening on Sunday at Alfa Center.  Praise God, there were over 150 decisions recorded among students, plus several teachers as well.  The gospel was presented to around 4000 people during those ten days, plus a full page article about the group in the newspaper.  Other schools heard about the presentation and want any group we have coming to present for them next year.  All the teens and chaperones were crying when they had to leave, and many commented on how the experience had changed their lives, with several saying they would like to become career missionaries.  (Check out some pictures on our webiste.)
Pray with us...
1) This month, I will be starting a new believer's class on Sunday afternoons at the Alfa Center.  Pray for wisdom as I get the materials together and that God would use this in discipling all the new believers that are coming to services.
2) On Sunday, September 30, we will be having a Friends' Day, with a special service, barbecue and other activities going on all day long.  Plans are for over one hundred to be attending from English and Portuguese services, Bible studies and ESL program.

3) For our kids in the states, and for peace of mind and heart on our part as we serve here.

Thanks for your prayers.  They are so important to our ministry.

In Christ's exciting service,
Bill and Sue


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