September, 2007

    Subject: Spoelhof Prayer Prompter – September, 2007

Faith is the key to answered prayer.


Praise God with us:

1. After some complications in setting up, everything came together, and Bauru’s Birthday in the Park was a tremendous evangelistic opportunity for our church. We have had several visitors in the Sundays following.

2. With several recent gifts, we now have $30,000 toward the church building fund.

3. A safe trip and a great time together with our son Aaron and his wife Rachel.


Pray with us:

1. September is Family Month at our church emphasizing God’s plan for the family with special events and activities planned throughout the month.

2. Continue to pray for the situation with the building the church is renting. We need wisdom about how to deal with it in a way pleasing to God.  

Thank you for your prayers.

In Christ's exciting service,
Bill and Sue



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