May 2001

    Spoelhof Prayer Prompter - May, 2001
Wonderful things happen when we live expectantly, believe confidently and pray affirmatively.

1.  The survey that we did on April 21, with the help of a church group of twenty-five from a city about three hours away, went  very well and about nine hundred people were interviewed.  Many gave their name and address to receive an invitation to services when they begin.

2.  ESL program has been moved into the Alfa Center and classes started there yesterday. There are now twenty students involved.

3.  Discipleship has begun with Milton and Patricia as they begin their first steps as new believers. They have lots of questions and are growing.

4.  Gifts have come in enabling us to buy 50 chairs and 100 Bibles for the Center.
1.  Sunday services are scheduled to begin on May 20.  It was decided to begin with a group through personal invitation rather than a large inauguration service.

2.  The Wednesday night home Bible study and Saturday university activities have not worked out well.  Pray for wisdom as we evaluate the situation and what may be done for the future.

3.  A lawyer is working on paperwork for the sale of our home in São Paulo.  The buyers should move in by mid-June since the rental contract for the place in which they are now living ends at that time.  The renters of our house are not cooperating in moving out within the two month period given by law.  Pray for God's will and timing in this process.

In Christ's exciting service,
Bill and Sue


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