Subject: Spoelhof Prayer Prompter - February 2000
    Date: February 1, 2000

    Thank you for taking time to pray for us.

    Pray with us:

        1) We received a communique from our home church, Wealthy Park, that all
        their missionaries would have their support cut by 50%. This was quite
        discouraging for us as it brought our needed support level to $850/month.
        But we are going ahead by faith. God has supplied our needs for so many
        years as we have trusted Him. We believe He will do it again as we are
        needed as part of the team in Bauru. Pray that the support comes in in His

        2) As we finish scheduling meetings for spring, and that God would open
        doors to new churches for support in the months ahead (packets
        presenting our ministry go out this week).

        3) That the video presenting our work in Bauru would be ready by our first
        conference in March.

        4) For our son Aaron, as he heard yesterday (1/31) that a friend of his was
        murdered in Sao Paulo.

        5) For the Seminary search committee seeking a new dean, and buyers for
        our house in Sao Paulo.

    Praise God with us:

        1) We have received an increase in support of $50/month!

        2) Aaron had a good time and a safe trip to Brazil over New Years, and
        that he made dean's list in his first semester of college.

        3) With the help of Sue's sister and her husband in California, we now have
        our own web page. Check it out! The address is

In Christ's exciting service,
Bill and Sue Spoelhof


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