February, 2002

    Subject: Spoelhof Prayer Prompter - February 2002
    Date: February 1, 2002

"Prayers are heard in heaven very much in proportion to our faith.  Little faith will get very great mercies, but great faith still greater."
Charles H. Spurgeon

Praise God with us:
1) He gave us safe travels and a great week at the All-Brazil conference on the northeast coast.

Pray with us:
1) Alfa Center Carnaval retreat will be held from February 8-12. We will be having it with another church. Our colleague Dan Branda will be the main speaker. Pray for safety in traveling and changed lives as God's Word is presented.
2) Sue's ESL classes began again on Jan.31  She is busy getting student schedules and classes set up.
3) Wisdom in planning the year's calendar for Alfa Center (running a little behind) and beginning two new home Bible studies.
4) Sue is starting a new ministry with a Brazilian friend at a home for underprivileged teens.

Thank you for your prayers.

In Christ's exciting service,
Bill and Sue


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