Subject: Spoelhof Prayer Prompter - December 2000
    Date: December 1, 2000

 It's exciting seeing dreams becoming realities in spite of difficulties and even dead ends along the way, but through prayer and God's leading exciting things become reality.  When we arrived here in Bauru, we thought it would take months before we would be able to start any Bible studies or any other projects.  This past weekend we had our first home Bible study, and two more meetings are planned before Christmas.

 Praise God with us:

1) The university Bible study picnic and study on Nov 11 went very well, and everyone that came had a great time. Eleven people came out.  They want to have another one at the family country house of one of the students. The regular study will end this week as they are in finals and starting summer break. By the end of this semester there were 18-20 students out each session.

2) After being delayed a week because everyone cancelled out, we had our first home Bible study this past Sunday afternoon.  We had five couples out. The study was very well received though meeting time was changed to Monday evenings. One of the couples are believers but two have no church affiliation.  Pray that God's Word would be working in the lives of Dalciro and Cida, and Milton and Patricia.  They've said they have friends that might want to participate as well.

3) The key people that helped in getting this process going are a Brazilian couple, Guto and Vanice.  Through them we have made many contacts. Pray as they become integrated as the third couple in our team along with Dan and Debbie Branda.

Pray with us:

1) Dave and Valerie Smallman were supposed to arrive in Bauru this past Saturday. Their visa has not been granted, and the Brazilian consulate will not give any word as to when it will come out now.  Pray that the visas would be released soon.

2) Pray for safety, as we, the Brandas and the Blazers will all be traveling during the holidays.

3) We have begun looking at places to rent, to use as an Bible study/Activity Center in the near future, and as a church in the future.  We have seen some great places that would meet out needs, but each has been way out of our price range.  We are hoping to have a place by March/April.  We know God has a place, we just must be sensitive to His leading.

Sue and I want to take this opportunity to wish each of you a very blessed Christmas and a new year of God's daily grace.

In Christ's exciting service,
Bill and Sue Spoelhof


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