August, 2006

    Subject: Spoelhof Prayer Prompter - August, 2006

     Date: August 12, 2006

Begin each day with prayer, end each day with praise.
Praise the Lord with us:
1. First gifts have come in for the building fund.
Pray with us:
1. August is Family Month with services and activities will be centered around the family. Everyone is encouraged to invite un-churched family members out.
Aug. 1 – Bauru’s 110th birthday celebration. Our church, along with the other ABWE church in town have a booth at the main park with all day activities, and will be giving away pinwheels to kids and tracts to parents with invitations to visit our churches.
Aug. 6 – Building Blocks for a Strong Marriage. Couples display in their wedding albums.
Aug.13 – Father’s Day (celebrated here in August). Fathers display collections they’ve made.
Aug.20 – Parents and Children. Display of pictures of church family members at different stages of life.
Aug.27 – Spiritual Heritage. Family trees display and special stories about our families presented.
Since our people at church love to eat, on the last weekend there will be a big barbecue for everyone and their families.
2. After winter break, weeknight small groups are starting up again.
3. Patience with funding to come in for buying our own building. We know this may take a while, but God’s timing is always perfect. Our second mailing goes out August
In Christ's exciting service,
Bill and Sue


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