Subject: Spoelhof Prayer Prompter - September,  2002
    Date: September 2, 2002

No need to tiptoe into His presence. When you say, "Hello Father" He knows your voice and loves to hear from you.

 Praise God with us:
1) Though we only had six men out for the men's barbecue, with many families and lots of dads, we had ninety-nine folks out for our special Fathers' Day service.
2) In the new Bible studies, Sue is having six out regularly for the ladies' study on Tuesdays; Bill had twenty-two out for the English study (with all levels of language proficiency).
3) Four people made decisions for salvation and reconciliation this past month.
Pray with us:
1) Couples night out has been a successful event in the past and we will have another on September 13th.
2) Instead of having a Friends Day, we will have a Family Fun Day on Sunday, October 13, together with the Community Baptist Church (ABWE's other church plant in Bauru). It is a big undertaking with different games and activities, but we believe that we will reach many who have never heard God's plan of salvation through this event.
3) We continue to have visitors every Sunday, but continue praying for five families to become involved with Alfa Center ministries.
4) Continue praying for our on going ministries of drug rehab center, mental health center, ESL programs, discipleship groups, youth program, weekly visitation and counseling, and Sunday celebrations.
In Christ's exciting service,
Bill and Sue


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