Building Fund Drive Letter




                                                                                                          Life                                                                                                                                    Begins


Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil

June 1, 2006



During the five year history of New Life Baptist Church, God has blessed with continued growth. With much prayer and planning, our mission first became known in the city as Alfa Center Ministries of Bauru with outreaches including home Bible studies, university campus outreach, Bible-based English as a Second Language classes, work in a drug rehabilitation center and short term stateside ministry teams presenting in the community.


Within nine months of opening the work, we began holding church services in a rented facility. Through church programs and support ministries, many have come to know Christ as personal Savior. Our congregation is approximately 80% new believers within the past five years. In 2005, New Life Baptist Church became an organized, legal entity. As the congregation began to grow, a more spacious rental site for the church was found.  Now, that present location is being outgrown, and we have come once again to a time when additional space must be considered.


A building search committee, appointed by the church leadership, started looking at places to buy during the past four months, and has found two different buildings in excellent locations that would more than triple the building size and be ideal for the growth we are experiencing now as well as serve for future plans. 


$70,000 is needed for purchasing either of these places. $12,000 has already been raised through savings, fund raising campaigns among our church people here, and individual gifts.


The church’s history has proven that God is blessing through the ministries of New Life Baptist Church.  As the church has advanced, God has provided many opportunities for growth, and we believe this is another instance to see God provide once again.


Your participation in the project both through prayers and giving would be appreciated. We would be grateful for any gift you may be inclined to give. Such gifts should be sent to ABWE and designated for “Spoelhof Church Planting – 006”. All gifts for this project are tax deductible.  Pray that God would guide in this opportunity for expansion in His ministry.


Thank you for considering this proposal.


In Christ’s exciting service,



Bill and Sue Spoelhof

e-mail: [email protected]



Serving with Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

Box 8585,   Harrisburg, PA 17105-8585