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Early Monday morning, December 29, 2003

It must be early-- itís hard to think about what to write.  Another Christmas has passed, and a new year is on the way.  Ben spent Christmas with us, so we had at least one ďkidĒ around.  On Christmas Eve day, we went out delivering gifts to families from church and visiting at each place.  In the evening, we went to a churrascaria (the restaurant where waiters circulate and serve about fifteen kinds of meat from skewers until you canít eat any more).  When we got home, we each opened one present (knowing that some people sent us dvds) and ended up watching Pirates of the Caribbean after midnight.  The following morning, we slept in, and didnít open our other presents until after noon.  We enjoyed visiting long distance with our family by telephone on Christmas Eve and during the day on Christmas day.  Sue was proud of herself that she only cried once.  Between phone calls and e-mail messages, we finally ended up having breakfast at about five in the afternoon.

This past Tuesday I received a phone call from the store where we bought the light fixtures for church.  My name had been picked in a drawing and I won a new bicycle!  Pretty good, since I canít remember a time that Iíve won anything!  Itís bright red and has a bell and twenty-one speeds!  Will I ever use it?  Weíll see!

Friday evening we had the young people from church over to the house for a "hymnsing". Most had never done this before, but they really liked it.  There was time for sharing and between songs, and almost everyone had something to share about what God was doing in their lives. It was exciting to hear especially since several of them were new Christians during this past year.  Before everyone left, we had a cake to celebrate Ben's birthday.

With so many of our folks traveling, numbers were down yesterday at church. We still had a good group out, plus some visitors, and had a great worship service.  Several more of our people head out for vacation this week.  Weíre staying close to home.  Weíve received a couple invitations for New Yearís Eve parties, and will see what that brings.  Right now Iím tired enough to just go back to bed!

We wish you all a blessed and happy 2004!  Tchau for now.

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